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A Beautiful Site in Jerusalem

Just one of the beautiful attractions you’ll see and be a part of in Israel.


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How to Fix Shutters in Israel

Learn how to fix and change your broken shutters in Israel. This 12 page photographic guide leads you through the steps.


Four Fridge Magnets of Torah and the Land of Israel

Four stunning fridge magnets for you to put on your fridge to constantly remind you of the beauty of the Torah and of the Land of Israel.

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Eliyahu Shear

Eliyahu is a qualified A+ computer hardware/software technician. He is a Torah educator and photographer, and loves making people laugh! He also enjoys designing webpages, photographic slideshows and teaching the subjects he studies himself.

Shoshanah Shear

Occupational Therapist and Healing Facilitator

Shoshanah is a licensed occupational therapist, healing facilitator, artist and writer. She loves working with her husband. She enjoys using all her skills to give inspiration and encouragement to those wanting to make a success of life in Israel.

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