Shoshanah and Eliyahu Shear

Shoshanah and Eliyahu Shear

We’re delighted you’re interested in our unique – personalised service – of helping you to make a successful Aliyah!

Our private and personalised service is in no way related to any of the major organisations aimed at assisting Olim in a variety of ways. We may list various organisations in our blog posts and you are welcome to see how they work, and if they may be able to assist you.

What we provide is the opportunity for you to ask us the many questions you may have regarding making Aliyah in terms of being able to succeed in your decision to live in Israel. We’ve lived here for over ten years and we bring this and our own experiences into the picture in order to help others. We offer you an inside view – as people living in Israel independently – and share life in Israel from this angle. One may find organisations dealing with aid in a more encompassing manner. Our approach is to offer our service in an internal manner – individualised for your personal needs. 

Things we do very well at:

  • Helping you understand rental apartment choices
  • Helping you open a bank account
  • Helping you set up your telephone account
  • Helping you select a cellular phone provider
  • Helping you set up an Internet connection
  • Helping you select a Kupah (medical aid) system
  • Helping you understand Bituach Leumi (National Insurance)
  • Helping you understand the costs of every day products you’ll need and economizing correctly
  • Helping you by showing how easy it is to do so much banking (even what you thought impossible) and paying all your bills online (saving you a huge amount of time, while keeping track of your payments yourself)
  • Helping you understand the bus system / taxi use

We also specialise in assisting:

  • Seniors and the elderly in need of that extra company to help them get things done!
  • Those who feel totally overwhelmed by the system and the new things going on

We offer help:

  • Using Skype for overseas clients wanting to chat one-on-one (or two!) before arriving in Israel
  • In-person for clients in Jerusalem

Outdoor Time – Offering a Unique Approach to Assistance

Sometimes – just taking a breather from everything can help! For this we offer a special outdoors walk-and-talk for those wishing to be in some of the most beautiful places in Israel while winding down and discussing life here in general. There are some beautiful places to walk through and be able to free one’s mind while learning about alternatives – before feeling like giving up! Due to Eliyahu’s knowledge of photography, he also offers a photographic walk and talk by teaching how to see the beauty all around and turn it into beautiful photographs.

For those interested in another walk-and-talk and who value the beauty of Torah and the Tzaddikim, we offer to take those wishing to to pray at the graves of the Tzaddikim, where we share more about the lives of those who have lived before us in this land and the trials that they too went through. So often, this opens up our eyes into seeing that we are not alone. Even the giants have had to endure many great trials in their lives – yet they continued on, often leaving behind truly great legacies!

We are in no way acting as qualified lawyers or accountants whose professional service should be sought under necessary legal requirements. We offer a guiding approach to assist you to take care of day to day things without the fuss of keeping up with the pace of the Hebrew being spoken and the wastage of time spent unnecessarily figuring things out (or not!) for yourself.

While we can offer advice about many of the subjects above in any of the areas in Israel, we specialise in the Jerusalem area – where we are situated and are therefore able to be there in person for you.